How much do veneers cost?

Every person has a unique and specific situation. To determine exact costs and whether or not veneers are indicated for you, I would need to do a full mouth comprehensive exam. As part of this exam, I will need a current set of full mouth series of X-rays (radiographs). Once I learn more about your individual case, I would be happy to make a comprehensive treatment plan which would include costs and specific treatment options custom to your needs!

I also offer Skype or FaceTime consults to those who live further away. This does not replace my initial consult exam. I will not have X-rays and I am not able to do my extensive intraoral exam over video conference. Nevertheless, it will at least allow me to answer any preliminary questions you may have and give me a better insight of your particular case.

It is important to understand that not all porcelain veneers are the same. There are differences in the quality type of porcelains when fabricated. Every porcelain veneer I deliver is custom using the highest quality of porcelains available.

Majority of dentists today use porcelain restorations that are fabricated by a machine. They are generic and tend to look more like “chiclets” and/or very opaque in color. I only use hand made porcelains that are blended together custom to make perfect occlusion (bite), function, and an exact color match to your adjacent natural teeth.

The majority of my cases are patients who have had the same work done multiple times, but failed either functionally or cosmetically. So why settle for subpar and then have to get your dental work done multiple times and end up spending a lot more all together?

I teach my own students at UCLA to push themselves to be the very best. To not only have a great personality, the most advanced technologies, specialized training, and experience, but also to be an artist and to be able to pay attention to the smallest details and always aim for perfection. It is the small details that makes the biggest difference! It is my signature in every one of my patient’s mouths that leaves my office… and it has to be perfect!

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